Collecting, analysing, distributing and reporting on environmental, health & safety data for internal use and for the regulating authorities creates a heavy administrative burden.


In order to ensure compliance with internal and external regulations, limits and reporting requirements, and also to track improvement against objectives & targets, companies must periodically measure and monitor various types of data.

Environmental, Health & Safety data can include:

• emissions to air,
• emissions to water,
• resource consumption,
• waste,
• occupational health monitoring,
• statutory testing of equipment,
• personal protective equipment issued,
• material safety data, etc.

enviroDATA can be configured to allow collection of any data type into a single system. enviroDATA has at its core a flexible configuration feature that allows authorised users to set-up the relevant EHS data fields to be captured and monitored. Entry of EHS data can be distributed securely throughout the organisation and then viewed from a single system.

Key features include:
Configurable set up
Corrective & preventive action worklflow for data that is out of compliance
Easy to use search & report
Graphical display of statistics & trends
Distributed entry through a single system
enviroLAW Pro™
enviroLAW Pro™
enviroLAW PRO is out!
enviroLAW Pro™ is an even more powerful version of enviroLAW™ with its own in-built Profiling engine and wizard.
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