Tracking, monitoring and managing of Incidents is another important element in an EHS management system. There are of course different types of incidents including “Accidents”, “Near Misses”, Non-Conformances from Audits, etc. Each type of incident may require a corrective action (in the case of accidents), a preventative action (in the case of a near miss or a
selection of near misses) or even an investigation depending on the severity of the incident.


The INCIDENT module of enviroMANAGER provides a full life-cycle Enterprise solution to Accident & Incident Management based on a secure and easily deployed web-based platform.

enviroINCIDENT allows companies to meet their goals of reduced recordable incidents by providing a systematic means to address and track trends and resolution of recurring near misses, accidents or other types of incidents.

The design of the enviroMANAGER Incident Module is based on a Closed- Loop Workflow that ensures the appropriate people are notified and the appropriate counter measures are implemented.
Key features include:
Configurable set up
Closed-Loop Workflow - Record, Investigate, Corrective or Preventive Actions
email Alerts
easy to use Search & Report
Graphical display of statistics & trends
enviroLAW Pro™
enviroLAW Pro™
enviroLAW PRO is out!
enviroLAW Pro™ is an even more powerful version of enviroLAW™ with its own in-built Profiling engine and wizard.
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