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A fully integrated QEHS system   |  built by qehs experts
Having access to real-time data and information not only provides significant business value, but may actually provide a competitive advantage    Read more …
Achieving QEHS excellence is all about communication and collaboration   Join the dots…
We understand you want this to be your system, so it has to remain flexible in order for you to remain in control   Take control …
Our web-based responsive design ensures your information is available to you just about anywhere with internet access on whatever device you prefer   Avoid frustration …
Reduce costs and streamline your business processes     One integrated system …
It’s not easy getting everybody to play their part but engaging, motivating, assisting, reinforcing, and sustaining good behaviour is critical to success   Step this way …
Global Presence

MINTEQ have used SCANNELL Software for the past 10 years.

Check it out in this 4 minute video clip.

  • SCANNELL Software Global Presence

  • A fully integrated QEHS system
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