SCANNELL Quality EHS Audit Management


Audit Management Module

Audit Management

The AUDIT Module enables organisations to systematically & objectively evaluate the fulfilment of compliance with legal requirements and other criteria set by the organization or its customers.

Do you have an effective programme for periodic audits which determine conformance with internal and external requirements?

The module is very flexible and can be used to audit many different aspects of an organization’s business, not only environmental & health & safety management, but also manufacturing excellence and quality systems.

It enables audits to be planned, executed, and (via the INCIDENT module) corrective & preventive actions can be tracked to closure.

Audits can be carried out internally or externally or by a third party.

It will provide:

  • A structured and consistent approach to planning, scheduling and recording internal or external audits and tracking continual improvement
  • A wide range of customisable audit templates to meet diverse requirements, including question and answer, behavioural checklists, scorable audit criteria, 5S / 6S, etc
  • Streamlined audit process that reduces subjectivity, and minimizes auditors’ preparation & post-audit report activities


It will deliver the following benefits:

  • Dashboard and reports for Key Performance Indicators
  • Email alerts to relevant personnel to ensure effective closure of findings and recommendations (date driven) through integration with the INCIDENT module
  • Incomplete findings result in the generation of an audit trail which can be picked up in subsequent audits
  • Knowledge is retained – unaffected by personnel changes – with an easy learning curve for new individuals
  • The Mobile Audit App allows Audits and Inspections to be carried out on the move from your phone or tablet and then synch’d with the main system