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keep in check with regulatory limits and CSR reporting

Monitoring & Measurement

Monitoring and measurement is an important element of a quality, environment, energy or health and safety management system and is often a regulatory requirement of environmental permits or authorisations. Ensuring compliance with such a wide range of regulatory limits and reporting requirements, both internal and external, can be laborious and even difficult to keep on top of. Large organisations also gather data from their various sites and activities for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Reporting which is an essential component of demonstrating social and environmental responsibility to customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

SCANNELL’s highly configurable DATA module with easy data entry schedule makes collecting data for compliance a breeze.

Data collected can include:

  • Emissions to air or water
  • Energy or resource consumption
  • Noise
  • Waste vendors & shipments
  • Occupational health monitoring
  • Statutory testing of equipment
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment issued
  • Training
  • Contractor control

With our DATA module you can pretty much record anything you like. At its core is a flexible configuration feature that allows authorised users to set-up the relevant data fields to be captured and monitored.


Features and benefits include:

  • Dashboard and monitoring schedule
  • Email alerts to relevant personnel to ensure effective tracking of data
  • Entry of data can be distributed securely throughout the organisation and then viewed from a single system based on access control
  • Data input can be monitored for compliance with external and/or internal limit values with the ability for over-ride criteria
  • Integration with INCIDENT module for management of non-conformances
  • Equipment

    Often in an organisation certain types of QEHS-related equipment are not adequately managed by other systems, even though there may be statutory requirements covering them. For example drench showers, ladders, Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), pH monitors, equipment for confined space entry, and even lifting equipment and pressure systems, etc. Our DATA module can step in with a proactive integrated approach to ensure that you remain compliant.


    Keeping track of when Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has expired can be a difficult task and is often not catered for by other software systems in use. Our DATA module provides a proactive integrated approach to PPE management and compliance, whether its for employees or contractors.


    Manage Inductions and other Training requirements
    The DATA module contains facilities to let you manage training and induction, including of contractors and other third parties.


    Our DATA module provides a comprehensive system to allow you to meet your duty of care for waste. Consignments can be tracked from cradle to grave, including making sure vendors have the necessary up to date authorisation for each type of waste and enables reconciliation with disposal certificates.