One View of QEHS / SHEQ Status

SCANNELL Dashboard

Real Time Data

SCANNELL lets you see you what is happening in real time at

local (site) level
grouped for a number of sites or the whole organisation


Having access to real-time data and information not only provides significant business value, but may actually provide a competitive advantage.

Companies are facing increased demands for information about their performance from their workforce, customers, investors, the media and regulators.

In a transparent digital world QEHS performance may directly impact an organisation’s reputation.


Achieving QEHS excellence is all about communication and collaboration.

SCANNELL allows everyone in your organisation to work as a community and play their part.

Whether its raising a safety concern, closing a corrective action, disposing of waste, recording an audit or gathering data for a report you will always have the necessary administrative tools at hand wherever you are.
Data will be available throughout the organisation in real time and the relevant people will be alerted by email of what needs to be done.

The system comes built with instant alerts, scheduled workflows, simple to use data entry forms and many other features.

Join the dots and make communication and working together simple with SCANNELL.