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August 2018

“SCANNELL has revolutionised the way we handle health and safety in Heineken Ireland. We now have one system which records all incidents, near misses, risk assessments, related tasks, training schedules, legislation, relevancies etc. Everything is now in one place and being used on a daily basis by all appropriate line managers throughout the organisation. I would highly recommend SCANNELL to any Health and Safety Manager.”

Health & Safety Manager, Heineken Ireland



Based in Cork, Heineken Ireland, formerly known as Murphy Brewery Ireland, was founded in 1856 by the Murphy Brothers. It has established a long and proud tradition since that time in the Brewing Industry, which it currently combines with the most up to date technology and innovative marketing.

Heineken Ireland is recognised as one of Ireland’s fastest growing breweries and currently directly employs in excess of 400 employees.

Heineken’s Health & Safety Manager recalls the Health & Safety environment prior to putting in the SCANNELL system – “Although a document management system was used for Health & Safety a lot of information was recorded on excel and tracked via emails and phone calls. Due to a lack of an adequate site wide solution it was left to the Health and Safety manager to handle all safety related issues including risk assessments, accidents, training etc.”

There was no central repository for safety and a lot of time was wasted due to lost man hours, doctors reports, engineers reports etc. Furthermore, tracking changes in health and safety legislation meant spending a lot of time on the HSA web site. Eventually Heineken’s Health & Safety Manager was tasked with putting in place a Health and Safety management system.

The Solution

Heineken Ireland implemented the fully integrated SCANNELL product from Scannell Solutions incorporating:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Accident/Incident/CAPA Management
  • Data Collection
  • Auditing

The system was implemented as one of a package of measures to increase health & safety within Heineken Ireland. In parallel with the implementation of SCANNELL, line managers were trained on their responsibilities under the 2005 Health Safety and Welfare at Work Act.

As Heineken’s Health & Safety Manager recalls

“Amalgamating the two worked well for us. Knowing what had to be done and having a system in place to manage it helped us greatly.”

Heineken Ireland line managers can now manage their own risk assessments and incidents.
Furthermore, it has become very clear where most man hours were being lost throughout the company.


For Heineken Ireland SCANNELL delivered a number of tangible benefits that impacted on their bottom line.

Line managers in production, distribution, laboratories etc. now take control of risk assessments and incident management in their own areas SCANNELL demonstrates internally and externally that near misses are being logged, incidents investigated, and risk assessments closed out, in- line with best practice

The SCANNELL suite feeds the need for KPI’s around lost days, incidents, accidents per 100FTE’s, near misses etc.

All Health & Safety training is tracked through the system to ensure staff members are emailed when refresher courses are due

The Health & Safety department no longer has to trawl through the HSA website reviewing new legislation to check its relevance. Relevant legislation is now regularly fed to the organisation based on it H&S profile.

SCANNELL helped underpin a series of measures which in total, reduced lost man hours throughout the company. Based on the successes delivered on one site, the system has subsequently been rolled out to seven distribution depots throughout Ireland.

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