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May 2017

As part of our international legislation service we are often asked to point users in the right direction regarding where to find things in the legislation, e.g. What is a Jianli?

Jianli literally means “Supervision” in Chinese.

Under Chapter IV of the PRC Construction Law a qualified independent project supervisor (the Jianli) must be appointed to supervise certain types of projects, for example major infrastructure, to ensure that the construction is carried out safely and to the quality standards required by law, and to oversee progress of the work and cost control and participate in final acceptance checks.

After signing a contract with the developer, the Jianli sets up a base on the construction site and obtains all designs, plans, technical specifications and other information necessary from the developer. During the construction, the supervisor will carry out regular inspections of the construction site in terms of occupational safety and verify the qualifications of personnel and the conformity of equipment and materials.  The Contractors are required to follow any advice offered by the Jianli, who may report non-compliance to the department of construction. They have powers to work where there are serious safety concerns.

The Jianli must employ qualified supervisors and supervising engineers. Supervisors must have no interest in the construction project or construction materials suppliers. The qualifications must be obtained from the construction authority and this process can pose a barrier to foreign consultancy firms.

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