How Does it Work?

Basically there are 3 steps

  • Create a Profile 
  • Evaluate Compliance 
  • Monitor Status and Changes
  • First you create a Profile based on where you are located and the things you do that determine legal requirements - just some options to tick - its not too laborious and typically you only do this once.  
  • The system then shows you the main things that you need to comply with - we call these Compliance Checklists - the ISO Standards call them Compliance Obligations.  
  • These are drawn from, and linked to, the legislation (summarised on two levels and also with links to the full text if you need to dive deep. Checklists simplify what can be complex and let you concentrate on what matters through hints that we call Things to Consider.  
  • You then enter (briefly) why each piece is applicable (relevant) and how you evaluate compliance (who does it, how often, what records you keep, etc - you can link to or attach documented information of all types).  
  • Once that’s done, if you want, you can score your level of compliance and if necessary raise tasks to close any gaps - there are email alerts against targets as you would expect.  
  • Then if an auditor, or anyone else, asks you about a particular topic or piece of legislation you have everything to demonstrate control only a click or tap away. On top of that we keep the legal content up to date and send you a quarterly email about what’s changed - also included in the system of course which highlights what has changed in various ways.  


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Its great for a single site but as things get more spread out and complex it gains strength by keeping everything in harmony and still easy to reach.  

We cover over 70 jurisdictions around the world.

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