Stay Compliant, Protect Your Brand

ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 Compliance Made Simple The latest standards place extra emphasis on compliance and business risk - are you ready for the change? 


We will handle your data according to our

Subscription costs are typically, for a single user and jurisdiction:

  • UK 100 GBP per month
  • EU 110 Euros per month
  • Canada 170 Canadian Dollars per month
  • Australia 180 Australian Dollars per month

What You Get

  •  Legal Register with site-specific interpretation of legislation and easy access to full publications
  • Compliance Checklists that allow you concentrate on what's important and demonstrate control and evidence of compliance
  • Compliance Dashboard to display and monitor your legal compliance status
  • Task Management to close any gaps
  • Change Alerts within the system and by email
  • Manage Links to relevant documents / media / other requirements


Link SCANNELL LAW with our RISK and INCIDENT modules and it becomes an even more powerful web-based tool for meeting the full requirements of the latest versions of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

What the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Environmental, Health & Safety Standards say:

  • .. Legal requirements and other requirements can result in risks and opportunities for the organization  
  • ... determine the risks and opportunities, related to environmental aspects, compliance obligations and other issues and requirements  
  • ... determine and have access to up-to-date legal requirements and other requirements that are applicable to hazards, OH&S risks ... and what needs to be communicated 


With the SCANNELL cloud-based software you can manage your entire Management System through a single integrated system. The User Interface adapts to the need of the user - so whether you are responsible for CSR Reporting, or day to day management, or just need to report a safety concern - it won't burden you with too much clutter and information