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August 2018

The Legal Register is dead? Long Live The Legal Register!

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Is your Legal Register strong enough to meet the requirements of the new Environmental, Health and Safety Standards?

The International Standards ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 place an emphasis on

  1. understanding applicable legal and other requirements, and
  2. having a process for evaluating compliance with the obligations.

A lot of companies and organisations simply create a list of regulatory and other documents which they compile themselves or purchase from a service provider. They may review this periodically (at least annually as part of their management review) and indicate whether they are compliant. This is often referred to as a Legal Register, although the term is not mentioned in the Standards.

This approach probably satisfies the first requirement – having access to and understanding applicable legal and other requirements – but is being increasingly challenged by auditors as weak when it comes to the second requirement

a process to evaluate compliance with obligations

While SCANNELL is not as well known as providers such as ENHESA, Barbour, RegScan or Notisum, to name but a few, we have been providing an online integrated legal register and compliance management solution since 2003 to a growing number of international clients looking for a robust process based solution at both global and local level.

Why Choose SCANNELL?

The SCANNELL system not only provides

  • up to date access to legal and other requirements on a global scale,
  • it helps you to understand how these are applicable to each facility through our unique and simple Compliance Checklists and
  • takes you through a process to demonstrate your level of compliance, show how you evaluate compliance and identify and close any gaps.

Not only that, if you take the other modules that are available it will

integrate this compliance system with your risk assessments, incidents, accidents or good catches, now also a requirement of the standards

You can also carry out audits on the move with our Audit App. – similar to the popular i-Auditor – but integrated with your whole Management System, including legal and other requirements.

Global vs. Local

Local in-country providers, both consultants and online systems, are widely used to meet the legal aspects of the standards and they can provide a very good, although sometimes expensive, solution. However across a large multinational organization the issue of consistency, accessibility and ultimately, effectiveness, can arise. The SCANNELL solution gives you the best of both worlds, ensuring harmonization of approach and an up to date picture of compliance at all levels of the organisation.

SCANNELL enables you to take a Global Approach to Risk Management and manage the complex challenge of Global Compliance in a practical way.

Legal Register

The intuitive User Interface highlights your level of compliance at each facility within each jurisdiction, providing an accurate, real time assessment of risk for your business.

  • SCANNELL’s unique integrated design sets it apart from any other systems.

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