Law Screen

EHS Legal Profiling Services

ISO 14001, ISO 50001 & ISO 45001 stipulate that legal and other requirements pertaining to your organization are clearly identified and compliance with them evaluated.

In the SCANNELL LAW module, “Relevancy” can be entered to demonstrate why and how each compliance requirement relates to your site(s), and how you evaluate compliance.

To compile a complete Legal Profile can be a time consuming exercise for many organizations, to get you started, SCANNELL offer a complete Legal Profiling service which will get you “audit ready”.

As optional Services:

  • A SCANNELL consultant can come onsite for 1-2 days and generate a legal profile for you with the help of the relevant people, including gathering why each requirement that relates to your activities is applicable and how each compliance requirement is evaluated.
  • SCANNELL can also help you review the ongoing updates of the legal content quarterly. Changes may include new pieces of legislation, amendments and revocations to the legal obligations. The Review will consist of a remote meeting where the changes will be discussed and the impact these may have on the site are reviewed.