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August 2018


“It is an excellent system. But it’s not just the system it’s the combination of SCANNELL with the professional services that make the whole package so valuable. The complete “Scannell” solution helped us achieve and sustain certification very smoothly.”

European Production Manager



Minteq is the premier supplier of engineered refractory lining systems, metallurgical wire products, bulk calcium and calcium alloy products, refractory measurement systems, and advanced carbon products. With offices throughout the World, Minteq’s main European manufacturing site is based out of Cork, Ireland.

While the site had achieved ISO 9001 status, there was a significant appetite to achieve 14001 and 18001 to satisfy the following business drivers:

  • There was a need to improve on-site Environmental and Health & Safety standards
  • Certification to ISO9001 and 14001 was becoming an increasing customer requirement
  • The company ethos of “continuous improvement” meant there was a need to embrace Environmental and Health & Safety International standards

However, certification was not without its challenges.

As Minteq’s European Production Manager recalls:

“Although we had achieved 9001 we were at a bit of a loss as to how to attain the other ISO Standards. Also, because we didn’t have a specific Health & Safety or Environmental department on site, the task of achieving certification was added on to the roles of, already busy, senior managers.”

The challenge for the Minteq team was to attain certification in a speedy manner, using a system that would allow them gain certification and then manage compliance going forward.

The Solution

In the first phase of the process, the Scannell team profiled the site. A couple of days working through legislation and identifying relevancies delivered a gap analysis and a lengthy “to-do” list for Minteq.

Using SCANNELL, Scannell Solutions assisted Minteq in attaining certification to both ISO 14001 and 18001 in only nine months.

The Legal module of SCANNELL ensured that Minteq had only to focus on the Environmental and Health & Safety legislation pertinent to their business and site. The system’s checklists meant that Minteq staff were aware of the smallest pieces of legislation they had to control and could demonstrate to any auditors how they handled relevancies. SCANNELL’s Risk module was used to define objectives, handle risk assessments and assign tasks, while demonstrating risk reduction from both an Environmental and Health & Safety perspectives.

In the view of Minteq’s European Production Manager however, it was the combination of the software and Scannells’ ISO skills that made the project such a huge success. “In selecting a vendor to assist us with certification, several were available to implement a paper based solution. Scannell Solutions however, were the only company that had both a superb software offering and strong ISO credentials.”


In just nine months Minteq attained ISO 14001 and 18001 and delivered the following benefits:

  • The company had now a more focused view of legislation relevant to its business
  • The management workload was reduced in terms of record keeping, preparation for audits, chasing of tasks etc.
  • The process improved the knowledge of the workforce and the standards of the site
  • The company can now demonstrate risk history, risk reduction, and strict adherence to legislation

To quote Minteq’s European Production Manager once again

“There is no way the certification would have gone so smoothly without the system – “The auditors loved it.”

And on Scannell Solutions “Excellent. We were extremely pleased with the level of support we received. The team still give us day to day support on the system, as well Environmental and Health & Safety advice. I would highly recommend the Scannell approach.”

In subsequent years, SCANNELL was installed on Minteq’s UK and Dutch sites.

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