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Integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Software

a real-time view across your business

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SCANNELL is a web-based software application that addresses all the key areas of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management using a modular yet fully integrated approach:

cloud-based modular fully integrated Management System that will meet all your needs, big or small, now and into the future


You are always aware of compliance issues and the current status of conformance
A simple effective way of prioritising high risk issues and showing where to channel funds based on proven need
Track detailed work programmes and quantifiable improvement
Always have critical data on hand and can generate regulatory and other reports from a single source
Integrate all aspects of the management system online
Change behaviour, communicate and retain knowledge despite personnel changes, and enable new team members to take part straight away
Reduce costs

ISO Standards

Our success rate speaks for itself
100% of our software clients who used the system as a basis for their Management System have achieved certification first time around!

The SCANNELL system is already being successfully used by a wide range of certified international blue chip clients and has been designed in strict accordance to the International Management System Standards:

  • ISO 9001 Quality
  • ISO 14001 and EMAS Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management
  • ISO 22001 Food Safety Management


SCANNELL has been designed to follow the Deming Cycle (PDCA) for Continual Improvement of Processes and Products which is widely used in Lean Manufacturing, 6-Sigma and Quality Systems.

  • PLAN ( LAW | RISK )
    Establish objectives and targets based on risk assessments, legal and other requirements and management review of the data analysed
    Implement management programmes and collect data on performance
    Study the actual results, determine trends and root causes
    • Raise corrective and preventive actions and determine their effectiveness
    • Review risk assessments
    • Check compliance with current legal and other requirements

Compliance & Risk Management

Risk-based Thinking is woven through the SCANNELL system

  • LAW
    provides access to up-to-date legislation and compliance checklists based on specific business or site profiles
  • RISK
    links legal requirements to risk assessments, objectives, targets and management programmes
    links legal requirements to incidents, accidents and non-conformances
  • DATA
    checks compliance with specific parameters and limits and ensures that waste shipments meet duty of care requirements
    allows compliance to be evaluated and audited

Dashboard – Real-Time Data

SCANNELL lets you see you what is happening in real time at

local (site) level
grouped for a number of sites or the whole organisation


Having access to real-time data and information not only provides significant business value, but may actually provide a competitive advantage.

Companies are facing increased demands for information about their performance from their workforce, customers, investors, the media and regulators.

In a transparent digital world QEHS performance may directly impact an organisation’s reputation.

Collaborate, Innovate and Involve


Achieving QEHS excellence is all about communication, innovation and collaboration.

SCANNELL allows everyone in your organisation to work as a community and play their part.

Whether its raising a safety concern, closing a corrective action, disposing of waste, recording an audit or gathering data for a report you will always have the necessary administrative tools at hand wherever you are.
Data will be available throughout the organisation in real time and the relevant people will be alerted by email of what needs to be done.

The system comes built with instant alerts, scheduled workflows, simple to use data entry forms and many other features.
SCANNELL’s web-based responsive design ensures your information is available to you just about anywhere with internet access on whatever device you prefer.

  • To simplify access in an enterprise environment we have also implemented Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD) integration.
  • For added security our system has conditional measures in place that determine what each user can access to based on their role.
  • For smaller users SCANNELL comes with its own system administration module that lets you take control.
  • Join the dots with SCANNELL and make working together simple