Having access to real-time data and information not only provides significant business value, but may actually provide a competitive advantage.

Companies are facing increased demands for information about their performance from their workforce, customers, investors, the media and regulators.

In a transparent digital world QEHS performance may directly impact an organisation’s reputation.

SCANNELL comes with a wide range of standard reports and a configurable dashboard that allows management teams to have access to critical key performance indicators as well as detailed reports.

  • Sustainability or CSR Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Carbon or GHG Emissions Reports
  • Reports required by Regulators
  • Risk Profile
  • Objectives, Targets & Management Programmes
  • Action & Task Tracking
  • Man Days Lost By Department
  • Incident Investigations Report
  • Safety Comments By Reporting Department
  • Compliance Status
  • Audit Reports
  • Inspection Reports

As part of initial set up and configuration, we can also build fully customised reports to meet your specific requirements.