“SCANNELL is part of an integrated approach to environmental management …. It was easy to follow … allowing easy access to critical information. The product includes a relevancy section … a most unique feature…. and as such I believe it could provide a hugely beneficial tool to industry to help them understand and control their environmental impact. I am so impressed with the potential of this product that I am willing to be involved in an advisory capacity …”

PROFESSOR YVONNE SCANNELL, Law School, Trinity College, Dublin and Arthur Cox Solicitors

“It is an excellent system. But it’s not just the system it’s the combination of the SCANNELL software with the professional services that make the whole package so valuable. The complete “SCANNELL” solution helped us achieve and sustain certification very smoothly.”

European Production Manager Minteq part of MTI

“The SCANNELL solution has saved us huge amounts of time and hassle. Information for our annual environmental reports and quarterly corporate reports are now available at the push of a button.

We found SCANNELL to be the best tool on the market to suit our requirements. We like the fact that the system is so tightly integrated. The fact that the Scannell team are so knowledgeable in the areas of EHS helps us greatly as we weren’t just dealing with just another IT company. I would highly recommend Scannell Solutions as providers of robust EHS solutions.”

EHS Manager Janssen Biologics part of the Johnson & Johnson Group

“SCANNELL has revolutionised the way we handle health and safety in Heineken Ireland. We now have one system which records all incidents, near misses, risk assessments, related tasks, training schedules, legislation, relevancies etc. Everything is now in one place and being used on a daily basis by all appropriate line managers throughout the organisation. I would highly recommend SCANNELL to any Health and Safety manager.”

Health & Safety Manager, Heineken Ireland

“The system has been a hugely positive influence on our drive to “zero” incidents. Everything is recorded and tracked on one system and everything is reported on from one system.”

EHS Manager ‐ MSD

“I was very impressed …. Compliance with relevant legislation in this area is essential as breach of it could lead to onerous penalties. (SCANNELL) is to be welcomed as it provides sufficient information if followed to ensure such penalties are avoided.”

Lecturer in Environmental Law at National University of Ireland