The story of SCANNELL

SCANNELL is an international provider of Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety (QEHS) Software based in Ireland.

The story of SCANNELL began in 1998 when Dr. Mary C. Scannell formed Scannell Solutions Limited as a provider of QEHS consultancy services with a focus on management systems based on certification to the international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc).

As a consultancy business we achieved 100% first time certification for our clients.

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Watching our clients struggle with all the things needing control in what we referred to as “the working environment”, in 2002 we decided to develop an integrated modular suite of web-based software which would provide an effective enterprise solution to manage compliance, risk, incident management and auditing.
Our goal and motto is


The web-based system, originally called enviroMANAGER, and now simply SCANNELL, was launched in 2003

Many years of working as consultants with QEHS Professionals allowed the SCANNELL team to incorporate deep knowledge into the software so that it empowers companies and organisations to manage all QEHS matters effectively at many levels within the organisation from a single integrated system including integrated international legal content. From day one we realised that integrating law, especially internationally, would give us an edge.

Since 2003 we have:

developed a blue-chip client base with international sales
turned the business from a 100% service business into a software company
continued to invest in R&D to add modules and keep pace with technology, including mobile apps
grown a diverse high skilled workforce along with a network of external consultants who support implementation and sales