SCANNELL QEHS Incident Module


Accident Incident Corrective or Preventive Action Module
SCANNELL Incident Screen

Accident, Incident and Behavioural Management

Employers have a legal obligation to report and investigate certain work-related accidents, illnesses and incidents.

Tracking, monitoring and managing “incidents” (accidents, environmental releases, non-conformances, safety concerns, etc) is another important element of a quality, environment, energy or health and safety management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or ISO 45001).

The INCIDENT module provides a full life-cycle enterprise solution to incident management based on a systematic approach that identifies root causes, tracks trends and drives continual improvement.

Are you striving to achieve an incident-free workplace?

It will provide:

  • Different configurable templates based on the type of incident
  • An easy to use step by step process providing for multiple factors to record or investigate incidents and raise or close actions
  • “Closed-loop” continual improvement workflow that ensures the appropriate people are notified and effective actions are implemented


The SCANNELL Incident Management Module will deliver the following benefits:

  • Site specific configuration & access control, including confidentiality features
  • Structured and consistent approach to recording and tracking accidents, incidents, safety concerns or quality concerns through to investigation, corrective and preventive action and closure, including optional effectiveness review
  • Email alerts to relevant personnel of recorded incidents & follow up actions (date driven)
  • Cause & Effect (Fishbone / Ishikawa) approach to root cause analysis
  • Lost-time recording
  • Integration with LAW, RISK, DATA & AUDIT Modules
  • Dashboard and reports for Key Performance Indicators
  • Supporting information – reports, photographs, etc – is retained in the system for audit purposes
  • Mobile App makes reporting on the move easy (even when there is no signal coverage) and encourages behavioural change (for example Good Catch, Don’t Walk By, Safety Concerns, etc)