Legal Compliance Module

Managing Compliance Obligations
EHS Legal Register

This legal compliance module can provide you with:

  • A Legal Register
  • Site-specific interpretation of legislation with easy access to full publications
  • An Evaluation Tool to measure and monitor your legal compliance
  • Multi Lingual Legislation Translation
  • Legal Profiles and Checklists

How do you effectively govern your business activities in line with increasing legislation, whilst meeting the growing expectations of your customers, shareholders and local community and at the same time improving profitability and brand reputation?

Local and International Content

SCANNELL International Law Content Placeholder
SCANNELL International Law Content

Content is available for
over 40 countries with 70+ jurisdictions

You will benefit from:

  • Up to date country and regional legislation, available to multiple users on line for each location through a single easy to use system
  • Each location has it’s own profile, ensuring users only see legal compliance requirements and legislation for the relevant topics
  • Those responsible for legal compliance are given the ability to understand the relevant legal compliance requirements in each jurisdiction and compare them across jurisdictions
  • The system includes legal compliance questions that can be used to evaluate compliance at each location
  • Active document or external links can be managed and tied to relevant requirements
  • Legislation available in the native language of each user

Legal Profiles and Checklists

Using a unique system of checklists and a specific site or business activity profile, Scannell’s EHS software automatically identifies relevant legislation and allows these to be tied into management controls, evidence of compliance and compliance-related tasks.

Single or multiple profiles can be set up and maintained by the customer for different areas of the business, contractor control or for multi-national jurisdictions.

Integrated Solution

When integrated with our Risk and our Incident modules:

  • Relevant legal requirements can be linked “both ways” with specific risk assessments and incidents
  • Tasks and email alerts can be set up to address and close compliance gaps

This International Standards employ the process approach, which incorporates the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. The SCANNELL system closely follows this approach in a joined up way.

ISO 14001, ISO 50001 & OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001)

SCANNELL’s EHS Law system aims to help you meet the following requirements of the International Standards ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 50001 (Energy) & OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) (Occupational Safety) in a site specific way:

  • Compliance Obligations – Legal and other requirements that an organisation has to or chooses to comply with 
    • 14001: 2015 requirement 6.1.2
    • 18001: 2007 requirement 4.3.2
    • 50001: 2018 requirement 4.2
    • 45001: 2018 requirement 6.1.3 
  • Evaluation of Compliance – Processes needed to evaluate fulfilment of the Compliance Obligations 
    • 14001: 2015 requirement 9.1.2
    • 18001: 2007 requirement 4.5.2
    • 50001: 2018 requirement 9.1.2
    • 45001: 2018 requirement 9.1.2

Compliance Obligations – Legal and Other Requirements

The standards require an organization to establish, implement and maintain a process(es) to:

  • determine and have access to up-to-date legal requirements and other requirements that are applicable to (as appropriate) its environmental aspects, energy use and efficiency or hazards/OH&S risks
  • determine how these compliance obligations (legal requirements and other requirements) apply to the organization and what needs to be communicated;
  • take these obligations into account when establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving its management system.

Legal and other requirements can result in risks and opportunities for the organization.

The LAW module is integrated with the RISK and INCIDENT modules so that compliance and risks can be assessed as part of the same process. It also forms part of the whole Management System.

This information must be kept up-to-date and must be taken into account when establishing, implementing and maintaining its management system.

The LAW module will enable you to easily meet this requirement in a site-specific way, with access to summaries of the legal requirements and full legal texts, and it will always be up to date.

Evaluation of Compliance

According to the Standards, the organization must establish, implement and maintain a process(es) for evaluating compliance with compliance obligations (legal requirements and other requirements) (see above).

This must include:

  • the frequency and method(s) for the evaluation of compliance;
  • action if needed;
  • maintaining knowledge and understanding of compliance status;
  • documented information of the compliance evaluation result(s).

The LAW module will help you meet these requirements under each of the applicable Compliance Checklist Items, and overall, including actions, compliance status and documented information of the compliance evaluation result(s).

A variety of methods or processes can be used to assess compliance such as:

  • Audits (internal and/or third party)
  • Document or Records Review
  • Facility Inspections and/or Direct Observation
  • Interviews
  • Project or Work Reviews
  • Routine Sample Analysis or Test Results